In Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2014., there were 13 pre-school Catholic institutions.


Primary and secondary schools

In BiH, there are seven Catholic school centers (CSC) with 14 schools which were in the school year 2014/15. attended by approximately 4 766 students with 546 employees.
In the academic year 2014/2015. on the soil of Bosnia and Herzegovina there were seven Catholic school centers (Schools for Europe).

  • Catholic School Center (CSC) St. Joseph in Sarajevo (Elementary School, General gymnasium high school and Medical High School),
  • CSC Peter Barbarić in Travnik (Elementary school, seminary and General gymnasium),
  • CSC St. Francis in Tuzla (Elementary School and General gymnasium),
  • CSC St. Paul in Zenica (Elementary School and General gymnasium),
  • Don Bosco Catholic School in Žepče (General gymnasium and Technical-trade school),
  • CSC Bl. Ivan Merz in Banja Luka (General gymnasium),
  • CSC Bl. John Paul II. in Bihać (Elementary School and General gymnasium).

These schools are called Catholic because they were founded and led by the Catholic Church, but they with their program meet all the conditions laid down for public schools and their work, and they are open to children of all nations and religions.
In the academic year 2012/13. Catholic Schools - Schools for Europe in BiH were attended 69.5% of Croatian Catholics, 10.7% of Bosniak-Muslims, 5.7% Orthodox Serbs and 14.1% other (mainly children of foreign nationals working in Bosnia and Herzegovina).


High education Catholic institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • In Sarajevo there are Catholic Theological Faculty (KBF) and the Franciscan Theology;
  • In Mostar there is Theological Institute, which educates catechist-theologians (a branch of the Catholic Theological Faculty in Sarajevo).



In BiH there are institutions where future priests are raised:

  • Archdiocesan seminary Petar Barbarić in Travnik
  • Franciscan seminary in Visoko
  • Franciscan novitiate in Gorica / Livno
  • Vrhbosnian seminary in Sarajevo
  • Franciscan seminary in Sarajevo
  • International seminary Redemptoris Mater in Vogošća near Sarajevo