Shrines in BiH

The oldest shrines of the Virgin Mary in Bosnia and Herzegovina are:
Shrine of Our Lady of Olovo that was mentioned in Dubrovnik chronicle on April 10th 1454. and
Shrine of Our Lady of Kondžilo in Komušina where the oldest image of the Mother of God in Bosnia and Herzegovina is kept, which was, according to the data written in church documents, first mentioned in the October 24th 1768.



In addition, there is the shrine of Our Lady of Stup in Sarajevo and the shrine of the Queen of Peace in Hrasno ( Diocese of Trebinje-Mrkan).



Among other Catholic shrines in Bosnia and Herzegovina the most famous shrine is the one of St. John the Batist in Podmilačje near Jajce wich was mentioned in the 15th century.



In the parish of Maglaj there is a shrine of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandić.



In addition to the above mentioned shrines, Catholic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina  particularly honor St. Anthony of Padua and St. Elijah.


The church institutions in BiH

From church institutions in BiH that operate in Sarajevo following should be noted:


From charitable institutions that are: